The Incubation is divided into three main phases:
  • Phase I: This phase lasts from 1 (one) to 6 (six) months and is intended to understand the client's problems and test the market hypotheses, the idea at this stage is to ensure that the product actually solves a customer problem, that is, you have found the Product Market Fit. It is a time of planning and also hand in the mass, to map, test and analyze the potential clients and thus, to carry out the refinement of the business model. At this stage, the startup should already have an MVP ready and running with at least a few beta clients.
  • Phase II: This phase has a duration of 12 (twelve) months and aims to verify if the sales process is viable and if your product is profitable, that is, if there are enough customers to pay for it. At this stage too, startup must be running its business model with its engine traction, marketing and sales. At this stage the product already has to be in the market and with paying customers.
  • Phase III:This phase lasts 6 (six) months and is the stage of maturity where the company is already with its validated and running sales machine and is now preparing to scale and accelerate. There must be a greater effort to attract investment; structure to improve its sales and distribution channels; structure commercial sector; increase sales volume and achieve break even or leverage with third-party capabilities. At this stage, the startup is preparing to leave the Incubator, in this sense, already must present the maturity necessary to be a post incubated company.
Each of the phases is composed of different activities and deliveries to be performed. These activities will be based on the following areas: entrepreneur / time, product / service, management, market / commercial and financial.

Facilities at NEC Business Incubator

  • MSME Approved Incubation Center
  • Our Incubator is set up to provide support and help in the growth of our incubatees in all dimensions
  • We invite startups in agritech, waste management, IoT, IT, Mechanical, Robotics to join our incubator and reap the benefits of
    • Handholding support
    • Trainings
    • Mentoring
    • Market Research & Survey
    • Business Plan
    • Marketing Plan
    • 3D Prototyping