Our Team - NEC BI

Dr. Mani Sekar
Advisory Head

+91 9442182502

At present, he is the head of MSME approved Incubation Center. He is fellow member in ISTE, Society of Failure analysis, FIE and IE(I) Manufacturing. He did his Ph.D from MIT with the specialization of Metal forming. He has worked collaboratively with IGCAR, Kalpakkam in developing large Diameter bearing for Indigenous reactor. He has developed two laboratories (New Materials development Laboratory, Automation Laboratory).

Dr. G. Vinoth, BE, MS, Ph.D. (USA)
Chief Executive Consultant

+91 7708605247, +91 9597276648

He is an experienced technology management professional and a Design Thinker with a Masters and Ph.D in Technology Management from US University, who has a well-rounded understanding of Next generation ICT / IOT technologies, business modeling & management, lean startup methodology, facilitative leadership ability, and excellent interpersonal skills. He currently consults various Business Incubators and Startups globally. He is the author and co-author of many scientific articles which are published in eminent academic journals covering management, economics, ICT technologies. He has both technical and management papers that are published in renowned International peer-reviewed journals and has also chaired many conferences. As a Startup Evangelist, an Entrepreneurship Enthusiast, he is currently settled in India on a mission to setup 100 startups in line with Startup India program. He plays an integral role in building entrepreneurial communities, which is a prerequisite for the establishment of effective startup ecosystem in our local region.

Mr. B. Ganapathy Ram
Technical Lead (Hardware: IOT)

He supports all startup development teams with rapid prototyping. He has the ability to Design and prototype electronic systems. He has the ability to translate high level requirements into specific device design. As a hardware tech lead he owns and manages the end-to-end prototype delivery from Low-Fi to hi-Fi prototype for all IoT based startups in Business Incubator. He has strong prototyping skills in IoT space and problem solving ability.

Mr. Muthu Mariappan
Technical Lead (Software System Design)

He is working with our group (Data Science & Machine Learning Group within NEC BI) of ML engineers, Data Scientists and Product Analysts. He also help designing, innovating and building our next generation AI and ML architecture . He is able to provide technical and analytical solutions to evaluate the merits and challenges of a product idea in AI and Image Processing field . He is able to distill business objectives into technical solutions through effective system design and architecture.

Mr. Jerold Jaikins
Sr. Software Programmer

He has 10 plus years experience working with Software (SaaS products) companies. He is very familiar with programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript and also have Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development. A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practice for building software products.

Mr. Karthikeyan
Sr. Web Consultant

He create website layout/user interface (UI) by using standard HTML/CSS practices. He Integrates data from various back-end services and databases. He gathers and refines specifications and requirements based on technical needs. He creates and maintains documentation for each startup in our Incubator who are working on software products. He is responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling all web application in our Incubator. Great knowledge of SEO process and other Digital Marketing tools.